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Loveworks: Update #5

Monday we returned to the village in Katufa. We moved bricks from one staging area where they sit in the sun to dry to another where they will be baked. We laid some bricks for a new school there. We prayed for all involved from students, teachers, donors, Pastors and the village. There had been a small building built previously on the land and a land dispute. Some had destroyed it and one Pastor had been imprisoned for two days while the matter got sorted out. We played soccer with the kids and helped serve them lunch. The Chief of the village gave us a gift of a live rooster! We also got to plant an avocado tree. Yum!

Tuesday we were taken to Kutwatwa. PLNU LoveWorks teams and the entire student body have a long history of assisting in building and donating funds to build the school. It was a bumpy ride at the end on a dirt ride through some brush but well worth the trip when the school appeared before us. The builders showed us their methods and our team were quick learners. We filled in mortar on the foundation row of bricks and laid 3 more rows on top of that. We played soccer with the kids and made balloon animals. The girls planted a mango tree and the guys planted an avocado tree to commemorate our visit.

Wednesday we visited Trinity Church in an outlying area. We served lunch for the kids, sang songs, played soccer, jump rope, and gave out balloon animals. We were the happy recipient of our second rooster! Tonight we visited Gavin and Jillian Fothergill’s home (Macy & Conner). They are Nazarene missionaries from the US. They provided a wonderful meal of Mexican food, and we watched The Lion King!!

Some have colds or allergies to the dust that we are working through. Pastor Célestin tells us there are two seasons here. The dry, dusty season lasts 7 months and the wet, rainy season lasts 5 months. Jacob had a brief stomach bug but remained with the team through it. Our drive today was again bumpy and some were a bit carsick. So we will take out motion sickness pills ahead if time when we anticipate such a ride us coming.

Tomorrow we will attend a Baptism service at a pool in the area

Here is a group pic from Katwatwa.

Deron Matson

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