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Loveworks: Update #6

On Thursday we had the opportunity to be a part of a Baptism Service. There were 15 baptismal candidates including two from our group – Meg and Rachel (Praise the Lord!) We were invited to be baptized. Meg and Rachel, in thanksgiving for their baptism as children and to once again make a public profession of faith, chose to be baptized. Pastor Celestin said that they were the first from the US to be baptized in
Lubumbashi!! Deron was asked to officiate along with Pr. Celestin and was gifted a Congolese robe to wear during the service. We were told that for some of the children from DRC this may be the largest body of water they had been in. The combination of cold water and perhaps a bit of fear caused one girl to jump up in the arms of Deron immediately after being immersed. Sadly, at the end of the service one of the Congolese gals fell and broke her wrist but luckily we had three nursing students among us who put their skills and compassion to work. Way to go Katarina, Carly and Perryann!!

Friday we were asked to host a Conference on the book we are reading – Compassion by Henri Nouwen. Each team member had the chance to share their thoughts on a chapter from the book with the youth of the Bridge Church. The team prepared to be flexible as the audience ranged anywhere from 10-25 years of age. We had a little help from the District Youth President, Joel and our missionary friend Gavin. Thanks also to Pastor Robert for translating the entire 4 hour conference.
There was a time of discussion afterward where questions from all participants of the Conference could ask one another.

Today we left bright and early for our weekend getaway in Likasi, about 2 hours north of Lubumbashi. We rode here in a larger bus and got to experience the Congolese highway. Today has been relaxing so far, just playing cards and had brunch at our friends house. We are not sure what else is in store for the weekend except that we will attend and participate in Church service here tomorrow.

Monday we will be given an opportunity to shop for souvenirs. Pastor Celestin has arranged for some popular vendors to stop by his house for our convenience. Pray that we end strong these last few days and that we continue to stay healthy and have safe travels. We’ll see you guys in a few days!!!

Just in case you forgot, we’ll see you guys at the San Diego airport at 2:30 pm on Wednesday!

Deron & Sam


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