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DR Congo Day 2


July 26

At this point we’ve travelled five hours to Washington DC, twelve hours to Ethiopia, and now four hours to the Congo. My body is exhausted, and I’m just ready to be there. My team and I have been preparing for this moment since December, and we are ready to serve.

I remember applying to LoveWorks my freshmen year. I was accepted into the Bangladesh team, but my heart didn’t feel ready. I turned the opportunity down, but I was sure I would do LoveWorks at some point in my college career. Fast-forward a year and I was studying abroad in Spain. By that time my heart was yearning to serve God, and I applied to LoveWorks even though I wasn’t at school. I was already planning my next trip while I was still on my current one.

I remember getting the email saying I was accepted to participate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s team. My heart leapt, and this time around there was no doubt that I was ready. My team and I have been preparing all semester for this moment. The moment we get to step foot on African soil and spend the next three weeks to glorify God’s name. I am so excited. We are so excited.

The next three weeks are going to happen so fast, but the experience I have will stay with me forever. I want to learn on this trip. I want to expand my worldview and be able to appreciate the blessings I have back home. I don’t know what to expect, but whatever happens will be amazing. I cannot wait to see how God is going to use me on this trip.

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