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DR Congo Day 4

Group of Kids

July 28

My heart is overwhelmed with love. Love this community has shown us. Love these children give us. Love Pastor Celestin has for his people. And love that my team has for one another. There’s no place I would rather be than here surrounded by love.

Today we were part of something pretty spectacular. Though it felt like we didn’t do much, we helped in the process of building the new schoolhouse. Being in that place and being surrounded by kids created an atmosphere of significance. We built something that the kids around us would one day be a part of. It was mind blowing and humbling.

Pastor Celestin definitely didn’t lie when he said thousands of kids would be our new friends. Everywhere we go there are children chasing our car down the street. Outside of the church alone are plenty of kids who enjoy running around and playing with us. Everywhere we go we are greeted with a smiling face.

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