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DR Congo Day 7

GardenJuly 31

Today was my first day where I felt fully invested in what I was doing. My mind didn’t think back to Hawaii or the things I would be doing there. Today all of me felt in the Congo.

We started our day with the usual eggs, noodle, and sausage breakfast that I’ve grown to love. Our activity for the day involved visiting a village nearby. We were all excited to experience a culture outside of the usual culture. At the village we were once again greeted by singing and dancing children. The church welcomed us and we sang songs of praise and prayer. After our service we helped move bricks for the new school and plant vegetables at their nearby garden. Today was different than most days. We got to work, and we got to play. I felt accomplished.

The village atmosphere was different from the city we’re used to. While the roads and buildings are still very rural, there was so much more open land. By the garden we worked at there was a small river and plenty of flourishing plants. Seeing all the greenery in such a dry place was beautiful. It felt like the Lion King, except there was no Pride Rock. Looking out at it all made the feeling of being in Africa all the more real.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, God has brought me to some pretty incredible places. Never before would I have imagined myself living in Africa for three weeks serving God in ways that go far beyond what my norm is. I am taking part in such an incredible opportunity that all I can do when I wake up in the morning is give thanks.

Thanks to my friends who love me and understand my heart to serve God. Thanks to my aunts and uncles who congratulate me when good opportunities arise. Thanks to my school for offering such amazing programs. Thanks to my team for giving me smiles and courage to get through each day. Thanks to my sister who doesn’t complain about how often I leave her. Thanks to my dad for allowing me to go on this trip no matter how worried he was. Thanks to my mom who encourages me to make crazy decisions in order to have crazy experiences in the hopes of living a crazy life. But most importantly thanks to God who guides, provides, loves, nourishes, protects, enables, heals… This trip isn’t over yet, and there’s plenty more experience to be made. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds for me. Whatever it is, I’m ready.

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