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DR Congo Day 8

TreeAugust 1

It’s the first time I’ve woken up late instead of an hour early. Yesterday was a long and wonderful day that made me very, very tired. All week we’ve asked for more work. The construction they gave us was easy peasy, and we all wanted to help as much as we could. So yesterday when they asked us to move bricks, we moved as many bricks as we possibly could. Most of our day was spent moving bricks, playing with kids, moving bricks, playing with kids, and moving bricks. It was a hot day, and we hit a few troublesome encounters along the way, but it felt great knowing we helped in the process of building their new school.

More and more I’m starting to love being here. Less often do I wish I was at home or in Hawaii. I’m giving my all to what I’m doing and learning the ministry of presence. Ministry of presence is something my team is practicing while being here. We’ve come into this trip knowing that by just being here we are playing a role in ministry. Our presence in this place attracts the community, and a few times we’ve been used to interest kids into coming to church. When the kids of the community see us playing with the kids of the church, they become interested in the church. Our hope is that through this the community becomes willing and interested in the church.

It’s a lot to process that by just being here we are playing an important role in their church. It adds pressure to me and makes me want to always give my 110%. I live to spread God’ slight and be this willing His willing servant. Being here challenges me to do all of that in everything I do. So I’ll continue to pray that I may love the way God loves, act the way He would want me to act, and glorify God in all I’m doing here in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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