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DR Congo Day 20


August 13

Our three extra days have been a peaceful and relaxing breeze. For the most part we’ve been hanging around Pastor Celestin’s house eating, playing cards, and hanging out with our favorite kids. Today we went to Katuba and go to see the progress of the school. We got there and were blown away at the progress. A week ago we laid the cornerstone down and now the majority of the walls for three classrooms were finished. While there we only took a few photos and we were on our way.

During our three weeks in the Congo, we laid the cornerstone to three schools: katuba, Kisaka, and Kanyanina. Though I personally don’t think I did much, I know the long-term results of what we started are going to be incredible. These schools are each in villages where it is too difficult to attend another school. Now the children will have an opportunity to learn, and I know they’re excited about it. Seeing the passion these children have for school and how much they appreciate school has taught me to be more appreciative of my own education.

Later that night we go to have dinner at Gavin’s house again. Electricity all the time, food with fresh vegetables, and a toilet that flushes all made me feel like I was at home. For dinner we ate salads, and after we finished watching the Lion King. We even had time to play Mario Karts on the WII, and it warmed my heart to see Pastor Andre having such a great time though most of the race he went in reverse. Being at Gavin and Jill’s house added onto the streak of peaceful, restful, and calm days in the Congo. It felt like America.

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