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DR Congo Day 21

Group PhotoAugust 14

Our real last full day. On Monday the only emotion I had was excitement. I was so excited to leave and return home. I think all of us on this team had that mentality- all we could think of was leaving. But today was completely different. After breakfast Joel gave us a present and a sweet letter. As Kirsten read the letter, we all began to cry. We realized not only were we leaving to go home, but leaving and saying goodbye to a place that holds our heart. I don’t know if I’ll ever return to the Congo. If I’ll ever see the same pastors or kids or places. Reality hit and it hit hard. Soon the entire room was crying- Jeremy, Joel, Rachel, Josue, and the entire team. On Monday we weren’t crying; we were happy to say peace out and return to the comfort of our own home. These three days have put things into perspective, and I’m glad our flight got cancelled for us to realize that.

It broke all of our hearts to start saying goodbye. The relationships I’ve built here have been unlike anything I had before. I don’t speak their language, and they don’t speak mine, but we still smile and laugh. As I was crying, Pastor Emee held me and said, “ I know you will miss us, and we will miss you, but under God we are all one. We will always be united.” After he hugged me I battled whether to cry more of be joyful in his affirmations. These people have changed me, and I’ll never forget the role they played in teaching me about joy and love and happiness.

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