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Today I woke up in tears, and it wasn’t because I start work at 7:30 AM. Today was the day I have been completely dreading. It’s the day I turn 20 and say goodbye to 19. The day I say hello to my 20s and goodbye to being a teenager.

For me 20 closes the wonderful chapter of 19. A year I never expected to be so extraordinary and memorable and heartwarming and humbling and adventurous. What gets me though isn’t that I’m coming to an end, but it’s an opportunity for me to look back at everything I’ve accomplished. Traveling and exploring have just begun, and it’s only going to get better from here. Every new place I go I’ll look back and remember the first time I got on a plane all by myself to a foreign city and fell in love. 19 is passing and now all that’s left is for me to look back at all that I was able to achieve and be thankful.

So what does 20 have in store for me? I think that’s the best part, because I really don’t know. 19 was full of planning and goals and checklists. I’ve accomplished so much, seen so much, and done so much, but now it’s time to just be spontaneous and go along with whatever fun that comes my way. I’ll practice saying yes to experiences and no to fear of embarrassment. I’ll spend time with friends, but also time learning how to be patient on my own. 20 is all about smiling, loving, and being intentional. I want to keep growing in Christ. I want to keep following where Christ has called me. And I want to keep living the extraordinary ordinary life He has called me to. So here’s to 20 and the unexpected amazing things it holds.

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