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The Pacific Ocean.

IMG_9672 IMG_9673I live less than a 5 minute walk to the beach. Every time I lift my blinds I have a perfect view of the water. As I’m walking to class I see the surfers catching waves. When I go to bed at night I hear the waves crashing right outside. So if it’s this easy for me to see the ocean, why don’t I appreciate it more.

One Sunday last month I was on my way to work, and I knew if I kept driving I would be 20 minutes early. So I decided to turn into one of the parking lots along the cliffs and just sit in my car. I looked around and was blown away by God’s creation. The Pacific Ocean is such a beautiful sight. Often times my friends and I criticize the slow drivers on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, because we know they’re slowing down to look at the ocean. I wish I was like them. I wish I slowed down more often to appreciate such an amazing thing.

Over this past semester I’ve been battling rest and responsibility. I’ve stressed out about too much homework, and I’ve worried about not finding time to be calm. Pulling over to sit in my car and just watch the waves sums up the difficulties I’ve been encountering this semester. It taught me to step away from what I’m doing and allow myself to enjoy doing nothing at all. It was  a rare occasion where I told myself to stop driving and pause.

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