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I Don’t Know.

Growing up my dad never accepted “I don’t know” as a valid response. He always told me it’s either a yes or a no. But lately in my life there have been a whole lot I don’t knows. I don’t know if I want to go to graduate school or not. I don’t know what I’ll be doing this summer. I don’t know what career path I’m going into directly after college. I really just don’t know.

Typically you would hear a college student say there just aren’t any offers, but in my case there are too many offers. There are too many open doors and too many good paths to go down. I consider myself lucky to have all these options. This summer alone I have the option of going back to Hawaii or going to nanny in Europe or working at a summer camp or finding a job around home. So many good choices!

For so long I’ve battled on deciding what to do. My mom’s advice is always to consider the cost, and my sister’s advice is always to get a job and make money. Recently I got this piece of advice, what opportunity is going to bring you closer to Christ and allow you to shine Christ’s light?

Here I am worried about what to do when I’m forgetting what it is I’m called to do. A calling isn’t just a yearning or a desire, but it’s an opportunity to do something greater than oneself. I know that I have been called to ministry- in whatever capacity that may be, so I have to remind myself that whatever I choose to do should be for the glory of God.

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