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Hawaii March 10th

There are moments in my life where I’ve looked around and just for a minute time seems to stand still. All my worries seem to go away, and I sit there in awe of the greatness of God. The two times I’ve experienced something this breathtaking both occurred at the beach.

There was something beautiful about floating in the clear blue waters and looking up at the mountains that overwhelmed my heart. I was excited and proud and heartbroken and worried all at the same time. But none of it mattered, because all I could think about was how amazing God is. I looked around and could barely utter the word “Wow”.

Wow God brought me back to a place I love. Wow God has given me a passion for ministry and the opportunities to serve Him. Wow God has surrounded me with people who care for me both emotionally and spiritually. Wow God has led me to amazing places I could never have gotten to on my own.

My life wasn’t always beautiful. For a very long time it was lonely and empty. So to think just a few years ago I was stuck in the dark cave that was my life makes me even more grateful to have the opportunity to dwell in beauty.

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