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Hawaii March 18th

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If I had to choose out of the few days we had at camp, I would choose the third day as my favorite. It wasn’t my favorite because of what we did, but because of how it made me feel. I felt excitement and love and extreme content, and I also felt overwhelmed and humbled.

As we ran around covering each other in shaving cream, I smiled thinking to myself “What on earth are we doing?” This moment accurately summed up my week, and I had so much fun. We did ridiculous things where half the time I questioned what we were doing, but every time it put a smile on my face. The people I was with and the place where it took place made it so no other experience could replicate this moment of genuine and pure happiness.

Later that night I experienced a different form of happiness. It was a happiness that can only be felt because of the power, grace, and love of Christ. Pastor Rick closed his sermon and then took a moment for anyone who wanted to come up to the alter to do so. At the age of six I would not have understood what an alter call was. At the age of seven I wouldn’t have had the bravery to participate in an alter call. At the ages of eight, nine, ten, or even eleven I wouldn’t know what to do during an alter call. So at the age of twenty, I stood there in complete awe of children who were completely moved by Christ that not a single seat was taken as they all bowed down in prayer. Tears filled my eyes and my heart overflowed as every adult stood and watched as child after child knelt down and gave it all to God. That moment and that experience is irreplaceable.

My whole week led up to that moment of knowing Christ was working in and around us. Christ was working through adults and teens as we led these children closer to Him. Christ was working through these children who were encountering God in unique and intimate ways.  So even now as I reflect on what happened my heart is still filled with joy.

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