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Hawaii March 20th

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I didn’t wake up with a bittersweet feeling; I woke up with a broken heart. All along I knew I wasn’t staying forever, but deep down inside I hoped that I could. I prayed for flight delays, or better yet that my flight would get cancelled and I would have just one more day. If I wasn’t in the middle of receiving  my bachelor’s degree, I would have very well talked myself into staying forever.

As broken-hearted as I was, I knew that this wasn’t goodbye. It was far from a goodbye, because I knew that I would be back soon. I would be back before I knew it. It would feel like I wasn’t gone at all. I would be back so quickly that the pain of leaving would feel like nothing at all.

Somewhere deep in my heart and in my mind I know that I’ll spend a season of my life in Hawaii. Whether that be soon in the distance or far in the future, it will happen. So I’m going to wait patiently and see if that’s what God has planned for me. I’m going to open every and any door that will lead me back to Hawaii, because I know it’s where I want to be.

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