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Hawaii March 13th

In all of my travels, I’ve never returned to the same place twice. First experiences are always the most exciting, because there’s nothing that can top it. I was extremely excited to go back to Hawaii, but at the same time I was a little worried it wouldn’t be as great as the first time I was there. I was scared I wouldn’t have as much fun without my group of intern friends. I was scared that I would have all these expectations and somehow be let down. Fortunately for me I was wrong. I came back, and Auntie Debbie joked that it was like I never left my desk. I jumped back into the swing of things, and though I wasn’t surrounded by my little gang of interns there wasn’t a moment I felt lonely.

It wasn’t at all a bad experience; it was a different experience. It was different adjusting to being intern #1 out of 1, but I kept reminding myself that I wasn’t there as “Intern Meg”. I was there to be someone who wanted to serve and volunteer. I was there because I chose to be and not because I had to be, and that’s what made it different.

I wanted to have a good time, and I guess what helped me have fun last summer was the people I was surrounded with. My perception of a trip well spent was to be able to spend it with people who would make me laugh and smile and make memories with. It wasn’t long until I realized that I didn’t need to be surrounded by Emma, Jordan, Leeya, Kalena, Teroa, Faele, Katie, and Brad to have a good time. They weren’t there, and though I was bummed at first, I learned how to cope. I had fun hanging out with Lynnie and taking her to Island Snow to redeem my 10th free shave ice. I had fun in the office preparing for camp. I had fun seeing familiar faces and being continuously fed by families who wanted to hear about my life. In the end, I learned I had nothing to be afraid of.

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