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Hawaii June 2nd. 


Today we hiked. I’m not one to want to exercise, but today it was worth it. The last time I did this hike I had to stop multiple times and sweat ran down me like a fountain. This time around I pushed past the exhaustion and made it all the way to the top. When we got to the top the view was gorgeous. 

Today felt a lot like what I’ve been feeling all week. Even though I don’t like hiking, I did it because I love spending time with the kids and being part of their life. It was difficult and I could have had stopped, but I knew the reward would be worth it. This metaphor of climbing is cliche, but it’s true. In the end everything is going to be worth it, and I’ll forget how tired I was in the first place. 

For the first time all week, I’ve felt right where I belong. As I looked out onto the ocean then around to the kids, I had forgotten all my worries. These kids have stolen my heart, and I love taking part in shaping theirs. This summer is more than making new friends, but it’s about being intentional in the lives of these children. With the children, even the ones that drive me crazy, I give them my 100 percent. I open myself up to them and let them know that I am with them. My prayer is that I can continue being open, and I can continue shining light. I’ve been stubborn lately, and I know I’ve been closing myself off because I’m scared of change. Change can be good though, and I genuinely want to believe it is good. 

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