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Hawaii June 4th. 




 If you know me you’d think I was lying when I said I did two hikes this week, but I’m not. On Tuesday we did the pillbox hike, and on Thursday we did the Makapuu Lighthouse trail. Hiking isn’t my first choice of what to do during leisure time, but I’ve definitely enjoyed it. 

The hike itself wasn’t difficult at all, and the view at the end was spectacular. What made it even better was that I wasn’t the slowest one- Kimi was. Though I slowly trekked my way up the mountain, I am proud to say I rarely had to stop and take a break. Every now and then I stopped to take a photo and enjoy the view or to watch as Kimi walked hunched over like an old woman, but something in me just kept going and going. 

I’m glad I went on two hikes this week. It gave me the opportunity to try something new. Though I’m often teased as being the veteran intern, there’s still plenty I haven’t tried. So I’m excited to keep exploring the island. I even found a bunch of new places I want to visit- the majority of those being places with food. Who knows maybe hiking will become a weekly thing for me. 

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