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Hawaii June 7th.



 Church! Being back at Windward had its highs and its lows that Sunday morning. I was excited to see familiar faces and be welcomed into the church as if I had never left, but I was also reminded of the people who I’m used to being surrounded by weren’t there anymore. Will’s voice wasn’t in announcements anymore, and Emma wasn’t sitting right next to me. Even kids in my Amped Up Sunday School class were different. It was a bittersweet morning, but I tried to dwell less on the bitter part.

After church we headed to my favorite beach where the waves are calm, the water is clear, and the sand is white, Lanikai. All the interns piled in and we had ourselves a little beach trip. I’m slowly starting to see the things I love mix in with things that are new. I might miss the HI 9 everyday that I’m here, but little by little Big B Plus 8 grows on me. When I take a step back, I’m amazed at how my two experiences are piecing together. God is putting them into place and crafting something great for me.

I love sharing my heart about this community with the new interns. I can talk for hours about Hawaii and how much this ministry means to me, and they’ll listen. I’m growing to be comfortable with them. We’re starting to create new inside jokes and going on new adventures. I knew it would take some time, and I’m glad that I allowed myself the time to adjust.

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