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Hawaii June 8th.

Monday June 8th felt like the start of my busy internship. With the start of summer school, I now had official office hours and wasn’t working from the beach. Still, children’s ministry isn’t like your normal 8 to 5 office job. Being the children’s ministry intern has its slow days and its busy days. There are days when I’m spinning around in my office chair scrolling through Instagram, but there are also days when I feel like I don’t have a minute to sit down. My position requires flexibility and energy. Its achievements aren’t measured by numbers or charts, and I’m not actually sure if it’s possible to say what qualifies as an achievement in ministry. But it’s something I love to do.

That Monday morning as I walked into the chapel I was greeted by tight hugs and “Auntie Meg come sit with me!” and sweet hellos. In the office, I sat at my desk as if it had my name engraved on it. At lunch, the sweet lunch ladies greeted me and even gave me some Cheetos. I could walk around the school and see familiar faces. Even just going out to the playground I was bombarded by kid squeals and greetings. Everywhere I stepped I felt at home.

When I talk about Hawaii, I feel like a broken record. I always talk about how it feels like home and how I am surrounded by love. I’ll say that there’s no place I’d rather be this summer than here. My friends can vouch for me when I say I’ve been counting down the days until I got back. It’s all so mind blowing to think that God put me in this place knowing how much it would change my heart. He knew that I would fall in love, and He knew my life would never be the same because of Hawaii. God brought me here, and He continues to do great things in me.

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