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Hawaii June 14th.

I was tired. I did not want to wake up this morning, and I just barely was able to roll myself out of bed. The lack of sleep from fun activities over the weekend was catching up to me, and it was a wake up call that I needed to manage my time better. I’m only a few weeks into my internship, and I have no reason to feel burnout this early on. I had plenty of time to rest and rejuvenate while at home for a month doing absolutely nothing. So why was I so tired?

I’ll admit that I have a problem with saying no. Especially when it deals with hanging out with friends or doing fun adventures- I can never turn it down. No matter how tired I am or how early I know I have to wake up the next day, I’m most often down to stay up late and be up to no good. It’s both a great quality to be flexible, but also a curse to not know when to stop.

It being my second summer here, I know there are a lot of things that are important to having a worthwhile internship. In my eyes, being involved and being intentional are the most important. Sometimes that comes at the sacrifice of having leisure time or time to just catch up on personal things. Which leads to my second most important thing, take care of yourself. It’s important to love others, but equally important to love yourself. I need to balance the time I spend with friends and the time I spend at home doing things like laundry or resting or writing on this blog. If I spend my entire summer running around the island with everyone I’m going to leave feeling burnout and exhausted. I want to make great memories and have some laughs, but I also want to have enough energy to keep on going. It’s a tricky situation trying to balance these two, but even as a second year intern it’s something I’m learning how to do.

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