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Hawaii June 18th.





IMG_5534Day offs mean days full of fun island exploring! From here to there, we went everywhere. Doing this and that, I spent way more money than what was actually in my wallet. I went to some new places and even visited old favorites.

The day started with some much needed pampering time. Abby and I thought we would only take 30 minutes to get our nails done, but two hours later and they were finally finished. My feet were mom approved. Next was brunch. We went to a place called Sweet E’s cafe where the banana french toast is just as sweet as the name. I can definitely thank social media for helping me find delicious places to satisfy my cravings. The majority of our day was spent floating along in the cool waters of Waikiki beach. Quinton, Lynnie, and I went on creating stories for the tourists around us. Ultimately it boiled down to they were all involved in an international drug deal and the catamaran nearby was holding the drugs. Clearly Lynn has been watching too much Hawaii 5-0 this summer. After we were too sun soaked to continue swimming, we walked around Waikiki catching a gorgeous sunset behind the Moana Surfrider. It was a perfect day filled with delicious food, fellowshipping with friends, and having a pinch of adventure. 

I’m lucky that I get to call Hawaii home for the time being.Yes I have days where I’m stuck in the office, but when I’m not I have days like this where I get to try new things and beach bum all day. I’m surrounded by beauty, and I get to go to beaches where the water is clear and the sand is white. I’ve heard of a thin called island fever but have been lucky enough to have never experienced it. There are so many more places to eat at, things to do, beaches to lay at. I could not imagine myself anywhere else this summer.

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