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Hawaii June 21st.

On a day where we celebrate fathers, I wasn’t with my father. Instead I was on an island far, far away from my father. I don’t normally miss my family when I’m away from home, but it’s not because I don’t love them rather it’s because I’m surrounded by a second family. Here I have aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, little cousins who run around and play. I have a second family of people who I value and they value me.

But I also have my Heavenly father. We watched a video in church of two adopted children. One child didn’t have a father and the other child didn’t have a very great father. The video reminded me that no matter our situation, we’ll always have a Heavenly father. No matter where on the earth I am, I’ll always have God with me to keep me save. He’ll continue to love me and keep me safe and provide for me. As someone invested in children’s ministry, we teach over and over that God is always with you. And now I’m reminded of that.

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