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Hawaii June 25th.

I took my phone out to take a video of the worship so I could upload it to Snapchat, and before I could even enter my passcode to unlock it, it died. I think God was telling me to stop it. Stop taking pictures of things and stop uploading videos to Snapchat and just be in the moment. The photo will capture a second in time, and it’ll sit on my phone until I decide to delete it or look at it again. Worshipping God in that exact moment could not be felt through a photo.

My heart was heavy for the last night of camp. Seeing teens give their all worshipping Christ brought me to tears. They gave up their worries and their frustrations and allowed God to pick up all their broken pieces. Pastor Ryan spoke about the kingdom of God and what that looks like. He said there are no cliques and not one person is greater than another. To me I imagine the kingdom of God looking like a bunch of teens singing to Christ. People falling at their knees because of the power of the Holy Spirit was moving in their hearts.

These teens taught me a thing or two about Christ. They reminded me how Christ takes you on a journey where your faith is tested. Through some of their trials and struggles they’ve shown me that Christ overcomes it all. With Him nothing is impossible. From these teens I see how God takes us on a wild journey through twists and turns and ups and downs, but He doesn’t leave us there. After He’s shaped and moulded our hearts God brings us to a calm place where we know we are at peace. I don’t ever want to underestimate a teenager’s struggle. God uses them just as He uses me, and they teach me that everything is going to be ok.

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