Hawaii July 2nd.

Days off are like little mini adventure days. Living on an island makes it totally possible to visit a whole section of the island in one day. So every Thursday that’s exactly what we do. This time around it was Waimanalo’s turn. I had never been to Waimanlo beach, but after hearing so much about the powder soft sand and clear blue waters it was definitely up there on my bucket list. The six of us hoped into the van and prepared ourselves for an island road trip.

First stop was Waimanalo Beach, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The water was still and clear. The sand was nearly white and baby powder soft. It was a sun shining day perfect for a day under the sun. I had fallen asleep after swimming, and I swear I got a few shades darker. It was a nice, long picturesque day at the beach. First we swam in the beautiful beach then we relaxed under the shade of the palm trees, what more could you ask for.

I remember walking around and seeing Abby and Lynnie sitting on a bench together with the mountains as their backdrop and palm trees framing around them. I looked at them and thought what amazing young women they are and are becoming. I love taking them on adventures with me, because it’s a part of doing life together. I hope they know that I will be there for them in these beautiful, picturesque moments, but I’ll also be right there through the messy storms of life.

It’s these quality time moments I’ll treasure the most. They’re the moments I hold onto. Days exploring Waimanlo and scenic drives down the coast. Watching waves come up to the blowhole and eating Bubbies ice cream mochi. I could spend many more days like these ones.