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God is So Good

God is good, and He hears my prayers. He knows when I’m struggling, and He never leaves my side. He reveals himself to me in the littlest of ways that make the biggest difference.

This has been one of those weeks where I just can’t seem to get two feet on the ground. It’s been one of those weeks where you think it can’t get any worse, and it does. Last night I wept. Tears rolled down my face as I struggled to be strong in a season of loneliness, confusion, and frustration. I called out to God and wondered where He was in all of my messy spaghetti, and today He made it very clear that He is right here- He has not left.

Today I take joy in the little things. I find God’s peace in the extra thirty minutes I had for break today. I find God’s provision in a babysitting check that is exactly a dollar short of what I needed to repair my shattered phone screen. I find God’s love in an Aunty who buys me bed sheets that are my favorite color, and an Uncle who goes out of his way to drive me to work. God is with me, and He heard my cry.

It’s these little things that remind me that everything is going to be ok. That this current season of transition is not going to be a lifetime of misery but rather the start of a beautiful new journey. God has shown me that my life is not going to get better overnight. I’m not going to be in my dream job or surrounded by my friends or have a car overnight. But I’m going to delight in knowing that in the meantime God is going to give me little treasures everyday.

Everyday this week I’ve prayed and asked God to be with me, to comfort me, to make my day a little bit easier than it was before. Now I know without a doubt that He heard me. Prayer is so powerful. So I’m going to continue to pray for the things I so deeply long for. I’m going to pray for strength to persevere even when I’ve reached my breaking point. I’m going to pray for love to be caring to those who don’t return the favor. I’m going to pray for patience, because after all I work with preschoolers. I’m going to pray for people to do life with- people who will point me closer to God. Above everything else, I’m going to pray in thanksgiving for a God who hears my prayer and never leaves my side.

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