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Homeward Bound

I’m currently on a flight that was delightfully delayed 3 hours. This will be my 8th plane ride in 15 days. Two weeks off for fall break gave me enough time to fly back to California, spend a weekend at Disneyland, visit my sister and London, and eat out with friends and family. This morning when the flight attendant asked me when my return flight is, I pleasantly told him that I don’t have one. This is my return flight. I’m going home.

White sand beaches and lush, green Ko’olau mountains. 80 degree weather and tropical rain. That’s what I get to call home. That’s what I get to return to. My reality is what most would consider a vacation.

I must be doing something right. If after a long vacation I get to return to a reality that is defined by some as a vacation, I must be doing something right. I am so excited to go home. I am so excited to go back to work and be greeted with warm hugs and joyful cheer by children who, at times, do drive me insane. I never want my reality to be so unbearable that I dread returning home from a vacation.

Vacations are fun, but I’ll never understand people who wish their vacation could last forever. If a vacation lasted forever then wouldn’t it just be reality? Lizzie McGuire said it best when she sang “Why not take a crazy chance?” Life is meant to be lived not checked off. If you would rather stay on vacation forever then stop what you’re doing and make your reality as pleasurable as a vacation.

I feel so incredibly lucky to get to return from a vacation and get to do something that makes me happy. I pray that my life will continue to be this lucky. I hope that for the rest of my time on earth that I’ll continue to follow God where He calls me, because He has taken me to some pretty incredible places.

When I trust in God and not in myself, He delivers. He surprises me and He reminds me that my faith is placed in something great. There is great fear in trusting in God, but there is also great reward. My reward happens to be an island in the middle of the ocean that is more beautiful and breathtaking than any humanly creation. In every corner I am reminded of God’s wondrous creation, and how just like the mountains or the rainbows or the clear blue waters, I too am a creation of God.

This creation of God is excited to go home. I’m excited to continue discovering the reasons why God has called me to Kaneohe at this particular time in my life.

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    October 17, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    Love, love, love! your writings!

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