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I’ve always prayed. I haven’t always prayed consistently or said lengthy prayers, but I’ve always prayed. And I’ve always believed that God hears my prayers just as he hears the millions of other prayers said at any given second. What I’ve never done is said the same prayer consecutively¬†for weeks asking God for a very specific result. That is up until now..

I started going to Anchor Church solely to attend their women’s ministry sessions on Saturday mornings. I had no intention of going to Sunday services or attending anything besides sisterhood Saturdays. Then one day I forgot my hydroflask and couldn’t fathom the thought of dehydration… So I went to church on Sunday to get it, and I ended up staying.

That Sunday they gave a heads up sermon about a season of prayer and fasting the church committed to entering. It was going to be 21 days of prayer and fasting. You could fast food completely, partially, or select foods. You could fast TV or social media. You could fast whatever it was that was standing in the way of you and God. But not only are you going to fast, but you’re going to pray too. So you’re going to eliminate what’s stopping you from growing closer to God and you’re going to also work at being in constant communication with God. The hope was that through 21 days of prayer and fasting you would reach a breakthrough.

I had never fasted before. I have friends who fast social media, and friends who give up things for lent. But I, myself, have never fasted. The sermon was so good and the meaning behind fasting was so genuine that I came back the next week and committed to fasting instagram, snapchat, and white rice. (I didn’t do so good at the white rice fast..)

21 days have now passed, and I’ve been off Instagram and snapchat successfully for 21 days. 21 days have passed, and I’ve spent more time talking to God. I’ve spent more time worshipping God while in the car singing my heart out. I’ve spent more time solely focusing on me and God.

I started this fast because I thought ‘Hey why not. Lets see if I can do it.’ And now I’m ending this fast in awe that I not only stayed off of Instagram for three whole weeks willingly, but also in awe that God answered my prayer.

Like I said I’ve never said the same prayer consecutively asking God for the same results, but for the past 21 days I’ve asked God to open the door that will allow me to stay with my current job longer than my contract lasts. I know that God has the power to open doors, so I begged God to do it. I also thanked Him for the opportunity to learn and grow, and I told Him that whatever the future holds for me I’ll know it’s God’s will not my own.

Then on Wednesday God proved to me that prayer is powerful. Not only is prayer powerful but God hears our prayers and He answers them accordingly. He might not answer them in the ways we see, but He answers them in ways we can never comprehend because His power is unfathomable.

I have the opportunity to continue working in a position I’ve grown to love for the next 9 months. All the glory goes to God. He is so good, and I am not going to stop praying.

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