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January Eighteen

I watched this Candace Cameron Hallmark Christmas movie- my favorite type of movie- called A Shoe Addict’s Christmas. In the movie, Candace has an angel who appears and helps her sort out her life. She asks the angel why God didn’t send any signs and why God wasn’t presenting Himself to her. The angel responds with a story…

There once was this man who was stranded in the middle of the night on a cold, snowy day. The man desperately prayed to God asking God for a sign that would rescue him from his predicament. Then along came another man in a sleigh. This man asked if the stranded man wanted a ride on his sleigh. The stranded man responded, ‘No thank you. God will send a sign.’ Along came another man in a sleigh. He asked a similar question. “Would you like a ride on my sleigh?” Again, the stranded man said, “No, God will send me a sign.” Then finally a third man came along. He asked the stranded man if he would like a ride on his sleigh, and the stranded man responded with, “No, God will surely send me a sign soon.” Well sure enough, the stranded man ended up freezing and dying. When he got to Heaven he asked God, “God why didn’t you send me a sign?” to which God responded, “I sent you three sleighs and you took none of them.”

I’m in a season where I think that God is sending me sleighs but I’m just not choosing to take a ride on them. I have a picture and a vision of what I want God to send me, but maybe, just maybe, God has something else in store and He’s waiting for me to open my eyes.

Because I could have easily said no to this sleigh. I could have shrugged it off as another matter of fact, but instead I decided to view it as a sign from God. Not to say that this is God’s plan for my life, but what if it was. What if I viewed each opportunity as an open door from God instead of thinking that God will only open the doors I want to be opened. I don’t think God works that way… I don’t think He’s going to do what I expect of Him, nonetheless do what I want when I want it…

So, I’m going to have to trust God on this one. I’m going to venture through open doors even if they’re not doors I would normally walk through. I’m going to rely on God’s wisdom and understanding and trust that even if this sleigh won’t lead me to my destination then at least it will get me a step closer to where I want to be. I don’t want to get to Heaven and ask God why He didn’t send me a sign and realize that He’s been sending me signs all along the way.

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