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You Are Enough

It was a rocky summer- and that’s putting it lightly. My friendships and my faith were put to the test, and for the most part I didn’t make it. The doubts that crept into my head overpowered the hope that I had in my heart. So, I ended the summer not really trusting in who God is, not really knowing what He was trying to do, and not really sure if I wanted in on this whole Jesus thing.

So, I’m here in Japan, and that’s exactly how the enemy is trying to attack me. He’s getting into my head saying, “Who are you to preach about a good God when you yourself don’t believe in Him?” And God is telling me that simply is not true. I am enough for Him. I am enough to fulfill His promises. I am enough to accept His goodness and grace and love. He’s using me. I just have to remember who I belong to.

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