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I Never Said That

I couldn’t hold back the tears. They just kept coming and coming. For the first time in a really long time I just connected with worship and let God speak to me through it.

And this is what He said to me…

“Who told you those things? Who said that about you? Because I didn’t. Because I don’t think of you like that.”


In every meeting, Stephen would talk about how this trip pushes people. It causes you to think and really decide whether the whole Jesus thing is real or not in your life.

And here I am. A leader on the trip, and I have all those questions and doubts. I don’t feel like I’m in any position to lead or be an example. Yet God is telling me that’s not true.

He’s calling out the lies and unearthing all my doubts. He’s trying to speak louder than my own, condescending voice. He’s trying to empower and uplift me because He knows and understands my true worth. Even when I doubt myself and I doubt Him, He still calls close so that I can hear His loving voice.

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