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Let Me Tell You

I told Pastor Yoshi that I hadn’t spoken to my mom in a few weeks. He asked if we were in a fight, and I said, ‘no she’s just in California so I normally have to call her.’ He asked if she was on a business trip, and I said no that’s where she lives.

California. Hawaii. Japan.

I used to live in California. Now I live in Hawaii. And currently I’m in Japan. Won’t God do it. Won’t He take you across the world to spread His glory.

I’ve gone from place to place. Trotted from here to there. And everywhere God has spoken something different to me… In Barcelona it was that He goes with me wherever I go. In Hawaii it was that I am called to so much more than spectating. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo it was that love knows no bounds.

Now Japan.

In Japan, He’s been telling me everything. He’s right here. He is good. He has always loved me. He isn’t upset with me for straying away. He wants me to come close to Him. He has known and still knows what is going to happen in my life.

He’s answering every prayer. He’s cancelling out any lies. He’s speaking truth.

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