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Barcelona Day 14.

School doesn’t really feel like school here. Yes my classes are twice as long here than they would be back home, but I think that this will be a pretty easy semester for me. I really love all the classes I’m taking and even more love that I’m only in class for two hours Monday and Wednesday mornings! Woot woot. I’ve lucked out beacuse this schedule will give me the opportunity to spend more time exploring the streets of Barcelona! Today, my exploration led me to the colorful markets of La Boqueria! La Boqueria had the most delicious fruit smoothies of all flavors and for a great price too. This market took the farmers markets I’m used to back home to a whole different level! My most impressive purchase, buying 30 eggs for only 3 euro. Yup, I’m set for the next month! On the topic of food, cooking for myself has been such a struggle. I understand that I struggle at most things that involve physical labor, but I have a new found respect for anyone who has ever cooked a meal for me in the past. Thankfully I have a pretty awesome roommate who knows how to cook! Ok I think I shall end today’s post here, because I’ve been sitting staring at this entry for the past 20 minutes and can’t seem to find the words to describe my day anymore. Crossing my fingers for less writers block tomorrow. Adios! 

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