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Doing A New Thing

A Hillsong Young and Free song for every faith season.

Sinking Deep was Barcelona. It was a reminder that God loved me, that God covers me with His grace, and that God was close to me no matter how far away I was from my home. It was the first worship song I learned in a different language, and it taught me that God has no boundaries. He isn’t just with me when I sing worship songs in English at Point Loma, but He was with me when I travelled across the world on my own to a country I had never been to before that didn’t speak the same language as my home language. There’s nothing too far away that God can’t reach.

Peace was Senior Year. It was what kept me from completely losing my mind and falling apart. It calmed me down and brought me to a place where I could trust that God had post grad life under control. I didn’t have to worry or panic or stress out, because God’s peace was something I could cling onto in the midst of the “you’re about to graduate college” storm. God had a plan. He always has a plan.

Now it’s New Thing.

It’s focusing my eyes and my mind on what God has yet to do. It’s preparing me for the amazing thing that’s going to come next. The new thing that God is going to do with my life. Because He’s not done. He’s barely just begun.

And I’m really starting to believe it this time. Believe that God is working in me in ways that I could never comprehend. That although I don’t see an immediate change, He’s still moving and molding me and causing me to be stronger. That although He’s not working in the ways I wish He would, He’s doing something even better.

God is preparing me for an amazing journey. And while I have no idea which direction that is heading in, I know that it will be worth the wait and the pain and the confusion. So I’ll endure it. I’ll trudge my way through the loneliness and the sadness no matter how crippling it may feel. I’ll crawl my way out of this mess bit by bit if it means that I’ll come out on the other side in better shape than before. The difference between then and now is that I’m no longer focusing on what’s happening right now. Instead, I’m putting my hope in what’s to come. The new thing that God is trying to get me to.

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