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For as long as I can remember, I’ve created fairytales in my head. Long before the Disneyland season passes and the obsession with magic and dreams and happily ever afters, I had the story I was writing.

And the story in high school was to make it to college. And not just any college, but Point Loma Nazarene University. And before that chapter had been begun, the pages were already falling apart. The preface was a flatout disaster. So, I was forced to scrap the pages already written and accept a blank book.

God then took that book and filled it with stories I could have never dreamt up on my own. Stories of adventure and mystery and wonder. Stories of heartbreak and confusion and defeat. Things that I didn’t- at the time- foresee or even think was a viable option for myself. God made those stories a reality. He wrote a book for the chapter of my life that was college, and He sealed it with the most remarkable plot. Not to mention the character development that occurred. There was lots of emphasis on character development.

But now the college book had ended. It’s been finished for a while now. And maybe the past couple years were still part of the epilogue, but even that, I feel, has reached its end.

So now we’re back to the empty pages of a new book.

I think this book will double in length, triple in character development, and infinitely exceed all expectations.

I think in this book there will be marriage. Or maybe not. There will be kids. And if not born through my own physical body then born in another way but still received in love. This book might touch on career and calling. This book might include an actual book written by yours truly. But this one, the story God is writing right now has been out of reach and out of sight.

I have no idea. I have absolutely no clue. I cannot imagine or predict or conjure up what God is doing or will do or even has done in this past year. I just don’t know.

We’re at a new beginning. And what I’m seeing is a ton of empty, empty pages. But what God is seeing is every letter forming every word to make every sentence to fill each page until the book is complete. And as hard as it is for me to stand here staring at something blank, I need to- my sanity depends on it- believe that God has it written out.

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