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Grandma Phone Calls.

If there is a woman who I love and look up to more than my mom it would have to be my crazy, silly grandma! That woman is such an inspiration and doesn’t have a single bad bone in her body! My phone calls with her are always hilarious and worth my retelling. After 20 guesses, and guessing I was my cousin’s newborn baby, my grandma wasn’t able to guess who I was. But who can blame her? After all she does have about 40 grandkids! The majority of the phone call was spent explaining to her that yes, I do call my mom and dad everyday, and no, I will not have a boyfriend while I’m here. Throughout the call she asked where my dad was about 20 times, and each time I had to remind her that he was in Las Vegas that’s why she hadn’t had seen him. Besides that, she also provided me a list of reasons why I shouldn’t have a boyfriend here. 1. I need a boyfriend that will go with me to the Philippines and none of the boys here will go with me. 2. According to her, Spanish boys only speak Spanish, and I need a boyfriend who will speak English. 3. You’re too young to have a boyfriend. 4. You don’t need a boy right now! And the list goes on! Then of course there was “just no boyfriend, really no boyfriend, no boyfriend ok, remember no boyfriend!” My grandma also likes to emphasize that I can’t forget about Filipino things. For example, she advised me to eat less Spanish food and more Filipino food. But the best part of the entire phone call was the whole 10 minutes it took for us to say goodbye, because she kept saying goodbye then no boyfriend then goodbye then again, no boyfriend! I absolutely love my grandma to pieces and can’t wait until I get to see her again! For now though, I’m more than satisfied with the silly 20 minute phone calls we have. Adios!

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