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Barcelona Day 3.

Well I did it, I stepped out of my apartment and walked into the real world. Today was a day filled with seeing new sights, trying to understand Spanish, and walking until my feet went numb. My new friend Alba was lovely and kind enough to show me around parts of Barcelona. First on our adventure was Playa Cataluyna. We walked past 4 Zara’s, a Topshop, multiple Berksha’s, but I did not buy a single thing. I must admit that, that is an amazing feat even for me. I was more enticed by the newly discovered scenery than I was by the flurry of fashionable clothes. Next on our adventure was Rambla del Mar. This spot had such a lovely view of the ocean and all the boats that docked within it. When we had reached the other side of the bridge, I was so excited to have found the Barcelona Aquarium. From what I have heard, this is one of the largest and most magnificent aquariums, and of course, I am already planning when I shall go back and visit. Though I saw some pretty unique things, the highlight of my day was taking the metro for the very first time. I realized that I can survive this scary thing called the metro. Now onto my next adventure, adios!

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