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Barcelona Day 15.

8 hours of classes later and I’m still surprisingly alive. If I’m not fluent in Spanish after having it for 4 hours a day twice a week, then I’m clearly doing something wrong. Today was possibly the longest day of classes I’ve ever had in my education. Nonetheless, I’ve survived and will endure for the next three months! While walking back home from Sant Pau, I decided “hey, why not take a nice stroll after a long day!” And that is exactly what I did. I took my time walking through the main street which connected my school and La Sagrada Familia, looking through all the windows of stores nearby. Around the La Sagrada Familia area I even took the chance to pop into a few tourist stores and buy some postcards for my numerous family members back home! All in all it was a peaceful walk, and I was prepared to sleep for the rest of my day… That was until two of my friends showed up at my room with their shopping carts ready to go to the grocery store. Unfortunately, La Boqueria was already closed by then, so we decided to postpone that trip and just head to our local grocery store. Being the shopaholic that I am, I ended up buying way more than just some ketchup. When we got back to my place, we decided why not just all have dinner together! They contributed the chicken, and my roommate and I cooked the pasta which made for quite the dorm room feast. Even friends walking around the hall swung by and it was a bit of a social gathering. Everyday I’ve grown more and more in my friendships here in Barcelona and have started to feel so at home. I love this city, and I love what God is letting me do at this time in my life. Everything feels so right and pretty amazing too! Adios!

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