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Barcelona Day 16.

Having one class a day is pretty nice, especially when it’s digital photography! Although I’ve done photography for at least five years now, I’m just now starting to understand these things called shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Still, my one class of the day is pretty much a breeze! Post class my roommate and I took to a street nearby La Sagrada Familia where we could sit, eat, and enjoy the view. Today turned out to be pretty gorgeous, and it would have been a fabulous beach day. Unfortunately, rather than go to the beach I had to go to a bookstore to pick up some textbooks… Not the most exciting thing in the world, but I was able to pick up “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green! A highly recommended and tumbled book with a pretty blue cover. Yes, I always judge a book by its cover. After roaming foreign territory to get my books, my roommate and I headed over to La Boqueria for the second time this week to meet up with friends. Since we had been sweating bullets by that point it was only right for us to purchase some fresh fruit smoothies! The thrill of my day pretty much ended there. It was back to the dorm for me! Not having homework gives me a whole lot of time to do absolutely nothing. This time, my absolutely nothing consisted of looking up flights and places to visit. It is really exciting knowing that in just a few months I’ll be in places like London or Paris or Rome or Venice! Who knows where I’ll end up, but I do know that Europe is my backyard and I’m ready to explore. Adios!

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