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Barcelona Day 20.

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I’ve really got to buy that unlimited three month metro pass, so I cant rest my feet and not walk everywhere. Today I really enjoyed snoozing my alarm and sleeping in for an extra hour. When I woke up I felt so refreshed and had enough energy to fulfill all my tasks of the day. While la Merce is still going on, my friend and I didn’t realize that the events wouldn’t really start happening until later at night. So after going out to celebrate la Merce and not realizing it wouldn’t start yet, my friend and I decided why not walk up to the top of Montjuic. These past few days have been filled with Montjuic loveliness, and if you’ve ever been there you would understand why it’s never a boring sight. Ironically, we were lucky enough to enter the museum at Montjuic for free, but unfortunately, we only had 10 minutes until it closed.. With only 10 minutes to explore, we decided to just check out the main hall area, which was stunning enough for us. Even though we didn’t get to spend much time there, it had worked out perfectly, because by the time we left our other friends wanted to go out to eat just as I had discussed being hungry. With my roommate and other friend, we all went out and tried a new restaurant by my building. Though it took forever to get our food, it wasn’t too bad, and I would consider going again. The highlight of my food choices for the day would hands down have to be returning to the chocolate with churros place! Who would ever turn down the opportunity to have liquid chocolate and yummy churros! Directly after that it was time for church! I don’t know that many people and also need a translator to understand the message, but Hillsong Barcelona already feels like my home church! The energy of praise and worship combined with the passion of the pastor make it such a great place to be. I’m amazed at how lovely, nice, and welcoming the people of this church are. I think of myself as quite shy, so I’m never looking to engage in conversation with people I don’t know, but still the people at this church are too sweet and always find ways to talk to me! What I’m looking forward to most is being able to build friendships with the people of this church. I know that these relationships will not only benefit my ability to speak Spanish, but help me grow in my walk with God. The biggest reason why I miss Loma is because I miss the people. I miss how welcoming, passionate, and happy the people at Loma are. At Hillsong Barcelona I’m able to find that. I truly believe that God is working in every action of my life, and I just know he has good intentions for me at this church. Things are only going to get better from here. Adios!

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