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Barcelona Day 21.

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Argh! I’m getting worse and worse at this daily blogging thing. In my defense, I’m out all day and way too lazy to do it once I get home. So yesterday was one of those days. After finishing our one class of the day, my roommate and I took to Park Guell to see the mosaic tiles before they start charging for entrance. Oh my my what a sight it was! The intricacy and vibrant color of all the designs were so pretty. Though there were hoards of people everywhere, we were able to get the perfect photos of everything we wanted to be captured. From walking through the park to seeing everything from a rooftop, I think Park Guell may be one of my favorite Barcelona spots. It’s such a nice place to see Gaudi’s art and also see the beauty of all of Barcelona. Later that night, after resting our very sore feet, my roommate and I headed out for the night because we didn’t have school to wake up early for the next morning. My friend and I decided to go check out a free concert. What we didn’t know or expect was that there would be hundreds and hundreds of people there! The radio concert I wanted to listen to didn’t start until 1 am, and being the grandma that I am, I didn’t stay out for the whole concert. On our way back, my friend and I zig zagged our way through thousands of people that were just arriving at the concert. The best way I can describe the atmosphere is to imagine a frat party the size of Coachella. There were groups of people on every block, sidewalk, and flooding the metro stops. After our difficult trek through the human maze, we finally made it back home and boy was I tired. It’s long days like these ones that make me way too lazy to write a blog post by the time I get home.. Adios!

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