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Barcelona Day 4.



If I don’t lose weight by the end of this program due to all the walking and hiking up and around I do, I think I will be a very upset girl. Today was probably one of the most eventful days I’ve spent so far in Barcelona. The majority of the morning was spent sitting through academic, housing, and cultural excursions meetings, but the afternoon was spent taking a very captivating bus tour around Barcelona. We left the gorgeous Sant Pau campus, where two of my classes will be held, and hopped aboard a nicely air conditioned bus stopping at Park Guell, passing through Passieg de Gracia, and seeing some of the amazing architecture and monuments of Barcelona. Upon arriving to Park Guell, my roommate, Maria, and I thought it would be best to not follow the crowd and ended up hiking all the way up Park Guell causing us to miss the gorgeous mosaic tiles in order to get back to the bus on time. Even though we missed it, we will definitely be going back! Back on the bus, we drove through Playa Cataluyna, Las Ramblas, and even ended up at the statue of Columbus pointing to America. Though I’ll definitely be visiting all these places again, the one spot that I must return to is the site of the Barcelona Olympics that were held in the 90s. Not only is there a magnificent building leading up to it’s entrance, but the fields and arenas are still there for all to view. Today I learned- and got to see- how amazing the city of Barcelona is. I am infatuated with its history and culture and cannot wait to see all that I can of this city. Adios!

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