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Barcelona Day 28.


I did it, I finally did it. With nothing to do after my one class of the day, I sat on my bed watching videos on my computer. I kept waiting for my roommate to wake up, so we could go out and do something. But after talking so much about how I need to start seizing the day, I finally did it. I put on my running shoes and decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. I had no destination in mind, but I knew if I kept going straight eventually I would hit the Barcelona Zoo! Now being the zoo lover that I am, of course this was the direction I had to go. After reaching the end of the street and seeing no zoo, I decided just to wing it. I walked around what seemed like the back of the zoo, and it definitely smelled like one too, hoping to find the entrance to something. When I entered this park, I came to an intersection where I could either go the way where I could see everything all the way to the end, or loop the shaded corner to see what was behind. I would never have expected to find what was behind that corner. It was Park Ciutadella! My friend mentioned this park and how she really wanted to visit it, but had no idea where it was. I too, after seeing it as a venue for la Merce, wanted to visit this park, but hadn’t heard much about it. The center of the park was stunning with a great big fountain shooting water from all angles. The top of the fountain even had a completely gold colored statue that shined nicely in the sun. As I normally do, I found a nice place to sit and just sat there staring out into the view for a while. I was so happy with my decision to go out and take a walk! Imagine, I could have sat at my desk all day watching videos online, but no, instead I left the cave and came across another one of Barcelona’s wonderful sights. I would like to say that this feeling will ignite the motivation in me to stop being lazy, and start feeding the part of me that just wants to see new things. Because after all, I didn’t come all the way to Spain to use my computer.. Adios!

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