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Barcelona Day 30.

My feet deserve some serious loving after today. Barcelona, I love you, but the hills and the walking and the steaming hot metro stops are too much for one day. The first part of my day was the walking part. After class I headed over to Passeig de Gracia to check out some hotels for my mom to stay in when she arrives. I must say though that I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to know where to go without a map. My ability to get lost has decreased, and I can now navigate my way around through my part of town. Ooh! Before I forget, another proud moment today was when I walked out of Brandy Melville without any shopping bags! No that doesn’t mean I was too cheap to get a bag, it means that for the first time ever, I was able to walk in, look around, and walk out without spending money! The same goes for when I walked into the Nike store- I was looking at the free runs, so don’t be confused and wonder why Meg was in a store catered to people who work out- and Zara! My resistance to shopping has been surprising, even to me. I’m still waiting for the day when I can just spend loads of money on new clothes! The day will come, trust me. The second half of my day was spent riding the train with some friends all the way to the outskirts of Barcelona to visit the UAB main campus! On the first day of orientation all of our directors told us that we have to visit the main campus at least once. We couldn’t be part of the university and not ever visit the campus! So with high expectations, my friends and I spent 45 minutes on a train out there. To our disappointment, the campus was nothing we expected it to be. There wasn’t much to see or do, but it definitely made us feel like we were on a college campus again. While we were there we even bought UAB folders- which in my opinion are not the cutest- so we could officially look like Spanish students! After spending a whole 10 minutes walking around campus we all came to the agreement that it was time to leave. When we got back to the train stop we learned that we had to pay for a new train ticket. Refusing to pay, we all went against the system and snuck our way through the ticketing gates. I must say that we all felt pretty bad ass and thought it was absolutely hilarious! By the time we got back to Barcelona, it was time to eat! Since our program guidebook has a list of recommended restaurants, we thought why not go to the Japanese place listed on there. While it wasn’t the best or cheapest sushi place I’ve ever been to, it filled my Asian food craving! During dinner my chocolate senses activated, and I had a feeling we were very close to my favorite chocolate con churros place! I looked it up on my phone, and we were indeed less than 5 minutes away. So with little convincing needed, my friends and I returned to the beloved chocolate con churros cafe and had ourselves some delicious liquid chocolate and nice crunchy churros. Even though I miss the convenience of things back home, like having a car or knowing good restaurants to go to, I won’t let those things ruin my time here in Barcelona. I absolutely love this city more than I could have ever imagined and am already reluctant to go home! Though my time here ends in December, I can already see myself coming back and living here even longer. Adios!

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