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Barcelona Day 31.



Being an adult is rough. After finding out that my bank account had some unwanted charges, I skipped class this morning to fix everything. This was one of those situations where you wish you were still 17, because technically, at 17 you’re old enough to have some freedoms of being an adult, but you’re not yet considered an adult. Therefore, when you face problems or get into sticky situations, you can still have your parents clean up your mess. Thankfully for me everything was somewhat resolved, and hopefully in a few business days all will be in order. Class today wasn’t all too difficult. Seeing how I skipped the first 4 hours of my 8 hour day, it went by quicker than it normally does. One thing out of the ordinary though was that there were human towers going on outside of the building! It probably has to do with the big convention going on, but it was pretty neat walking out from class and all of a sudden seeing a human tower being set up outside! If that were me, I would never have the guts to do it, because 1. I’m too afraid to fall and die and 2. I’m deathly afraid of heights. So props to the people who do take part in human towers, because it has got to take a lot of guts to do what they’re doing. The remainder of my post class day was spent doing absolutely nothing in preparation for Dublin this weekend! I’ll admit that I’m not one to go out and go crazy crazy crazy til we see the sun, so most of my non-school nights are spent being an introvert. I’m not the least bit ashamed though, because I love my down time! Being addicted to social media, I love to just come back home and update myself on every social media site possible. Needless to say, I came home and spent many, many hours on my laptop. I think it’s justifiable seeing how I won’t have my computer all weekend while I’m away in Dublin. This weekend marks my first trip outside of Spain and oh am I excited! I can’t wait to be in a city where I can go up to a waiter and speak to them in English! Many more Dublin updates to come, but disclaimer, this weekend’s posts will be pretty short. The main Dublin post will be written once I’m back on a laptop! Until then, it’s time for me to get back to soaking up as much internet as I can before I leave. Adios!

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