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Dublin Day 1.

I apologize for yesterday’s lack of post, but it’s been quite difficult connecting to Internet here in Dublin. Other than that minor detail, Dublin has been truly incredible! The people are so nice and sweet and everything I’ve seen in such a short amount of time has been amazing. Though I didn’t see much after arriving at night yesterday, my roommate and I did take the time to go out for a traditional Irish dinner! After getting lost three times, we finally found the main part of downtown with loads of bars and restaurants. We ended up at a Madigan’s Pub where I had some delicious fish and chips and of course while in Ireland, a pint of beer. We sat there eating our meal and watching the people around us trying to wrap our heads around the idea that we were in Dublin! Since we had to wake up early for our tour the next morning, we headed back and tried to get as much sleep as we can. It’s so exciting getting the opportunity to explore the world like I do. Everything is new and beautiful and amazing! I can’t wait to see how many international stamps I’ll have on my passport by the end of this trip. Slán!


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