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Barcelona Day 38.

I blame laziness for my having written a post yesterday. I also blame laziness for not giving me the motivation to wake up and go to class in the morning. I really need to stop skipping Spanish, and wake up early. Though I’m proud to say I haven’t skipped any art or history classes lately. The two have been fairly easy lately since the history and lecture portions are over. After my last class I debated whether or not to take the metro home or just walk. I was so hungry and the metro could get me there faster, but I missed walking and passing Sagrada Familia on my way home. I ended up walking and was so happy I did! I stopped at a supermarket and got some pastries to munch on while I was walking. I passed the beautiful Sagrada Familia and even remembered to buy stamps for my postcards! I was home before I knew it and the walk gave me time to stop and think about my day. Since my roommate and I hadn’t done our weekly dinner outs in a while we thought why not try to a new restaurant tonight! We went to a Mexican restaurant out program had suggested and ended up really liking the food! The nachos were great and the margaritas were even better!! To top off an already good night, I ended up video chatting with my sister and my cousin for an hour. There’s nothing more that I miss than being around family. I loved being able to talk to them and tell them my stories. Even though we’re all on different parts of the world, time differences can’t keep us apart. I’m so excited to be back home and reunited with the people I love! Time here is flying by and I’m going to miss it, but I can’t wait to be home! Adios!

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Barcelona Day 37.

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It is hot, hot, hot right now, and I’m beyond tired. So let’s make this short and sweet. It was another one class day! Hoorah! After a pretty easy photography class, my roommate and I went to buy groceries. As lame as that sounds, I had a great time buying as many chocolatey goodies as I wanted, because I used my mom’s card to pay for everything! Thanks for the food mom! Even though she’s miles and miles away she still indirectly is feeding me. When we got back home my roommate decided she didn’t want to go out anymore, and I was pretty bummed. As introverted as I can be, I really like going out and experiencing new things! Since Mondays and Wednesdays are pretty much free days, I look forward to getting the opportunity to see something new and cool each day. Thankfully, my friend was free and wanted to go out and explore with me! With our unlimited metro passes we rode all the way to Park Labyrinth to see something new. From the pictures I had seen, I only knew that the park had a grass hedge maze and didn’t really know anything else about it. To my surprise there were so many beautiful gardens! Though the mazes were a little disappointing because they weren’t too difficult, everything else made up for it. My friend and I ended up following a trail that led to waterfalls and streams and even more gardens! It was so peaceful to be surrounded by nature and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Barcelona is great, but I do wish there were more trees and grass and parks! My adventure today was a small part of my even greater experience in Barcelona. I’m quite settled in now, but I still have so much more to see and do! I can’t wait to see what my curiosity will lead me to next! Adios!

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Barcelona Day 36.

This morning I woke up to get ready for class, looked at the time, and saw that it was 10:45, which meant not only did I miss my first class, but there was no possible way for me to get ready and get to my next class on time. I really didn’t plan on skipping class, but it’s not like I can reverse time and have woken up early. I prefer having afternoon classes, because it gives me time to slowly get ready. Since most of the time I wake up late anyways, I’m always in a rush getting ready, and at least with afternoon class I can take my time. The classes I did attend today were pretty relaxed! There was a guest speaker in art and we watched a movie in Spanish civilization. Looks like I lucked out with my schedule today! After classes I was invited by a church friend to attend a screening of the movie “Nefarious” which was a film about sex trafficking, prostitution, and the sale of women. I didn’t have much interest to go, but I so desperately miss being part of a church, so I went anyways. Thank goodness I went, because the movie was so powerful! It gave so many different perspectives of prostitution that I would never have learned otherwise. A woman in the film described prostitution and sex trafficking as taking advantage of a woman’s vulnerability. It broke my heart to see the situations in the film, because I learned that the women going through these tragedies are my age. My age and some even younger! That could be me.. When the film ended I was at a loss for words. I now have a whole new perspective for the women I see on the streets. Going to this event was so beneficial for me. Not only did I get to learn more about a crime that is happening before my own eyes, but I continued to build relationships with the people of Hillsong Barcelona. Though some might not remember me, I think the act of saying hello whenever you see someone will help form a friendship. I miss being surrounded by a family of Christ, and I could not feel more at home than I do at Hillsong Barcelona. So because of that, I hope to build even stronger friendships and more relationships with the people of this church! God has a plan for me, I know it, but  I just need to uncover it. Adios!

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Barcelona Day 35.

Clarification, this post is for October 14th. I know, I know I’m getting really behind, but with the schedule I’ve had lately I think it’s justified. So let’s break down Paris for a minute, because then you won’t judge me for not doing anything yesterday. After a 1 hour bus ride to the airport, 1 hour flight, and 1 hour bus ride into Paris, I arrived at my hotel at 4 pm. That night I slept at midnight, woke up at 7 am, spent all day walking around Disneyland, slept at 2 am, woke up at 7 am again, walked around Paris all day, slept at 3 am, and woke up at 4 am. Then it was an hour back to the airport, an hour flight, and an hour to Barcelona. All that math works out to 13 hours of sleep and over 30 hours of walking around in 3 days. So now fast forward to Monday when I was finally back in Barcelona. Can you guess what I did? You probably can’t because I did absolutely nothing! But rather than sleep all day and mess up my sleep schedule, I chilled by the pool, enjoyed the nice, warm weather, and read a book. Ah the bliss of not having to walk around! My poor feet needed that break. So in the end, Monday was a recovery day and a great recovery day it was! That is all for now. Stay tuned because the next post will come up soon after this one- that’s what happens when you’re behind! Adios!

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Paris was unreal. It was filled with walking and more walking, but most importantly living out my wildest dreams. I’m bummed that I didn’t have more time there, but I know that one day I’ll be back. Until we meet again Paris..