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Hawaii June 27th.


I love brunch. I love brunch so much that we ended up missing the morning session of Bloom Conference to get some french toast, but that’s ok because sometimes that’s what ministry looks like. Ministry can be taking a few girls to a women’s conference, or ministry can be taking a few girls to get breakfast. So even though we missed our morning session, I wouldn’t say time was completely wasted.

At the conference we laughed, we watched Angelah Johnson do the ‘Nae Nae’, and we listened to Britt Nicole sing. The conference closed out with Jefferson Bethke speaking on brokenness. As young women, we break. We break and we look to society or boys to fix us and put us back together again. We break and try to mistake temporary things as a way of fixing ourselves. Bethke showed us a kintsugi bowl. The bowl is made up of broken pieces of an original bowl that was put back together by glue infused with specs of gold. He said that is what God does to us. God takes our broken pieces and puts them together. But now we are worth more. God is who we should seek our value from. God is the one who can put us back together, and He doesn’t just put us back together He molds us into something much greater than before.

I don’t have all the answers for these girls. I hardly have answers for myself. I can’t always tell them which path to go on, but I can surely walk down that path with them. What I know for certain is as long as I’m pointing them towards God they’re going the right way.

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